Bulk Destroy Plant Batches

Canix now offers the functionality to destroy plant batches in bulk. This was designed to help save you time and move through your processes more efficiently!


  • Navigate to Plants > Plant Batches > Active
  • Make your selection -- we suggest using the filters to narrow down your search
    • To select multiple sequential plant batches at once:
      • Make your first selection, then hold down the shift key, then select the last batch in the grouping
  • Click Actions > Destroy Batches (Note: All plants within the batch will be destroyed be default. You can update the amount to be destroyed using the options below.)
    • Update all batches with the same information
      • Use the Planting Summary form on the left
      • Fill out one, some, or all -- Destroy Date, Reason, and Amount to Destroy
      • Click Apply to associate that information with all batches in your selection
    • Individually update batches
      • Click the batch you wish to update on the right, fill out the pop-up form, click Save
  • Click Submit

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