Deactivate a Package (Mobile - Non-Metrc)

Deactivate a Package

Deactivating Packages in Canix marks them complete and inactive. A deactivated package can no longer be adjusted, transferred, or used to create other packages.


  • Package weight should be zero when deactivating a package. Create a Package Adjustment with the reason for adjustment as Waste (Unusable Product) if necessary.

From the Mobile Application:

  • Packages > Deactivate Packages

  • Scan or Type in the Package Tag
  • Enter the Finished Date
  • Select +Add

  • Deactivate a single package by selecting Submit 1 Finished Packages to Canix OR Deactivate Multiple Packages by selecting the Red Plus Sign to add additional packages.
  • Submit 1 Packages to Canix? Confirmation window will pop up, ensure all data is correct as once it has been submitted it cannot be modified. Select Submit 1 Packages

  • Finishing Packages in Canix: Confirmation window will appear, Select Done once complete.

**You have Successfully Deactivated a Package in Canix! **
  • To view Deactivated Packages from the Web Application: Inventory > Packages > Deactivated

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