Creating a Batch from Mother Plant(Non-Metrc - Mobile)

Creating a Batch from Mother Plant

From the Canix Mobile App:

  • Plants > Create Plantings

  • Create Plantings From: Mother Plant

  • Create Plantings From Mother by completing all required fields: Mother Plant Tag, Batch Tag, Clone or Seed, Strain, Room, Number of Plantings, Planted Date. (Note: Scan or type the plant tag of the mother plant that this group of clones is coming from.)
  • Select, +Create Plantings in Canix
  • Submit # Plantings Strain Name to Canix? If all information is correct, confirm by selecting Submit # Plantings of Strain Name.

  • Creating Plant Batch in Canix: Confirmation window will appear, Select Done

**You have successfully Created a Batch of Plantings from a Mother Plant**

  • To view Active Plant Batches in the web app: Plants > Plant Batches > Active

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