Connecting and Using your RFID Wand

To use Canix's native RFID integration please contact your sales representative to turn on this feature.

For now, it is only tested with the Zebra RFD8500 handheld RFID wand (or “sled” as they call it). The integration might work with other Zebra devices but this is un-tested so far.

To connect with the RFD8500: 
  1. Make sure the device is in RFID mode by looking at the MODE button on the left side of the device. If the light is on, press the button for a few seconds until the light turns off. If the light is off, the device is in the right mode
  2. Go to bluetooth settings
  3. On the RFD8500, hold the bluetooth button (the one with the B) until the button is slowly flashing blue
  4. In your bluetooth settings, on iOS just click the RFD8500 identifier and wait until it says “Connected”, and on Android once you click the RFD8500 and click “pair”, you have to press the trigger of the wand to confirm the connection.

All screens that have text input fields where Canix allows barcode scanning will automatically connect to the RFD8500. Assuming you connected via your bluetooth settings, you’ll know the device is ready to scan when you go to a screen like this in Canix and the wand beeps.

Tips for using the RFD8500: 
  • RFID wand must not be charging when scanning
  • To scan a tag, point the RFD8500 at the tag and squeeze the trigger. If the wand beeps while the trigger is pressed, that means a tag was scanned.
  • Auto Harvest: For auto-harvesting, if the RFD8500 is connected to the device via bluetooth, a drop-down will appear where you can select your tag scanning option (“Camera” or “RFD8500”). When you select RFD8500, the wand will go into a “Periodic” mode, where it automatically scans tags every 3 seconds without you having to press the trigger. This allows the user to set the wand near the scale and not have to press the trigger. Tags that are placed near the front of the wand will automatically get scanned. The user will be notified of the scan having happened by an audible beep from the wand.
  • User Guide for the RFD8500 can be found here
  • If you are using an iOS device and having trouble using the wand, your region may need to be set for the wand. Download the “Zebra RFID” app to begin. Pair the wand and then, in the Zebra app, click Settings -> Readers List -> click on the device -> select “United States” when it asks for region.
  • Other troubleshooting steps if the wand is not scanning
    • Keep the wand on but restart your Canix app
    • Disconnect and repair the wand to your phone

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