Package Immature Plants (Mobile - Metrc)

The following steps are to package immature plants or clones for transfer to another license. Before starting, create an item type for this package on the web under Admin > Facility Data > Items. You can create a generic "Clones" item or more specific "Strain Name - Clones" per package. If transferring between licenses, you will select the strain of each package of clones when you plant them in another facility.

On the Mobile App:
  • Navigate to Packages > Package Plants
  • Select how many plant batches you will be packaging (one or multiple batches). The following steps will walk through packaging multiple batches, which you can also use to package a single plant batch.
  • Select the red plus sign in the bottom right
  • Select Type if you have the last 4 numbers of the batch tag you will be packaging, or Scan to scan the barcode if the batch tag is in front of you.
  • Enter the count from the batch you will be packaging
  • Select or search for the package item
  • Select Add Plant Batch and Scan Another to continue to add plant batches to be packaged before entering package details. When the last plant batch is entered, select + Add Plant Batch
  • Select +Add Package Details to scan the package tag
  • Enter a package date
  • Select Review # Packages which will auto-populate package tags for the number of batches packaged
  • Submit # Packages to Metrc

These packages are now in your Active inventory, available to add to draft transfers or plant for future plant batches.

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