Creating Immature Plant Waste (Mobile - Metrc)

Creating Immature Plant Waste

*Metrc Clients*

This article is for creating immature plant waste, to see how to create plant waste see this article

Using this feature you can both destroy both the plant and create waste.

Pro-tips: Creating plant waste from a Harvest is done at a later time and is different than what is covered here. See - Create Harvest Waste​

Steps: From the Mobile Application

  • Plants > Create Immature Plant Waste

  • Select Plant Batches By: Filter plants by Room, Batch, or Strain
  • Select the Plant Batch(es) from the list or by filtering the results for the Plant Batch(es) you are entering waste for, and Select Enter Plant Waste Details
  • Create Plant Batch Waste, by completing all required fields:Disposal Method, Weight, Unit of Measure, Reason and Date. Select, Create Waste for # of Plant Batch
  • CSV Sent via Email window will appear for you to confirm if you have received the email containing the CSV file needed to submit to Metrc. Select Done or Re-send, if necessary.


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