Moving Plants to Vegetative (Mobile - Non-Metrc)

When a plant gets to a certain size and is considerably less likely to die, it’s considered to be in the Vegetative phase. At this point, individual plants are tagged with a barcode and tracked, one by one, until the harvest. Plant Batches become irrelevant at this stage and are gradually emptied out to 0.


  • Make sure you have a Label/Tag printed for each individual plant moving to Vegetative.  (How to print labels).  We suggest you continue using the Strain Name - Batch Number when printing these labels/tags.  For example Blue Dream - Batch 1
  • Make sure you have your strains & rooms created (How to create strains, items, and room)

Steps: From the Mobile Application

  1. Select Plants > Quick Actions > Growth Phase (Vegetative)
  2. Enter the last 4 digits or scan the Batch.
  3. Select the Room where the Vegetative Plants will reside
  4. Select the number of plants moving from Batch to Vegetative
  5. Enter the number of plants moving into Vegetative.  
  6. This number needs to be equal to or less than the number of plants displayed as “# Immature” in the Batch summary
  7. Select Starting Plant Tag field for the individual Vegetative plants.  
  8. Either type or scan in the 12 digit Barcode.  
  9. Select Change Growth Phase in Canix

Next Step in the process will be to Change the Growth Phase to Flower

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