OMMA Reporting Process

Canix tracks the information needed for OMMA reporting and populates this under OMMA Report on the Canix web dashboard. OMMA states that we cannot enter this on your behalf so we've provided you with an easy way to copy and paste into your OMMA report. You will do this through the OMMA website.

Here is a breakdown of the OMMA Reporting Data: Cultivation

The number of plants on hand at the beginning of the reporting. - This is the plant count at the first of every month.  

The amount of marijuana harvested in pounds-  This is the total wet weight of all harvests performed in a single reporting month. It is important to emphasize that all harvests should be entered as wet weight, not dry weight. 

The amount of marijuana sold to researcher, dispensary, and processor licensees in pounds - Recently, we added growers to this list as well. This is all sales figures for the single reporting month. It is important to note that if payment was recorded outside of the reported month but the transfer was made within the reporting month, that the sales figure may not show until the next month. The recorded payment date can always be edited within a sales order. 

The amount of drying or dried marijuana on hand - This does not count anything that the client is currently curing. This is a total of all packaged weight for the reporting month. Once the client creates a package, that weight is considered in this field. 

The number of plants sold during the reporting period - This field is categorized by Immature Plants VS Mature Plants as well as if the plants were sold to a researcher, processor, dispensary, or grower. 

The amount of marijuana waste in pounds - this includes all waste entered for the reporting month. Plant Waste + Harvest Waste.

Total dollar amount of all sales to processor, dispensary, and researcher licensees. - This figure is dependent on the date that the payment was recorded for each sale. All payments must be recorded during the reporting month or that dollar amount will not match up to the $$ amount of transfers for that month. 

The number of plants on hand at the end of the reporting period. - This will be the number of plants in each growth phase ( immature + vegetative as immature. Flowering as Mature) that we have for the client on the last day of the reporting month. 

Here is the information you will need to report to OMMA:

(The following information is provided to you by the OMMA. The following text has been referenced directly from the OMMA website. For more information on the OMMA regulations and compliance, please visit:

  • Commercial licensees are required to begin submitting OMMA monthly reports beginning in the month which they were licensed and every month thereafter, even if no medical marijuana and/or medical marijuana products are in possession or on site.
  • Monthly reporting templates are subject to change, so please check back to the OMMA website regularly. As stated in OAC 310:681-5-6.1(a), failure to submit a monthly report and correct this deficiency within 30 days of written notice from OMMA will result in license revocation.
  • You will login to the following website: 
  • After accessing the site listed above, please click the red arrow on the bottom of the first page. 
  • Once you have entered the next page, you will be required to enter the following information:
  • To gain access to the report, you must enter your OMMA ID (capital letters and hyphens included), and your Application ID. The Application ID can be found in your license approval email; “Your application reference number is…”  
  • After entering the information required to access the OMMA reporting data, you can fill out the required information and submit by the 15th of each. This is where Canix comes in.
  • The state legislation mandates the usage of a seed to sale software such as Canix.
  •  Canix helps you by tracking each and every plant that enters your facility. We take care of the busy work and as long as you keep track of your plants in Canix, your data for the previous month will become available at the first of every month. FOR EXAMPLE: On Jan 1st, the December report becomes available. On February 1st, the January Report will become available and so on
  • Here is where your OMMA reporting data will be located in the Canix web app.

As you tag and track your product whether it be plants for cultivators or product to sell for processors or anything in between, we track every harvest that you perform, every package you create, and every license transfer that you create. We do this to make things easier for reporting the data that is required to keep you in compliance. Here at Canix, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients in compliance through analyzing and tracking all required information that you enter into your facility.

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