Creating a Transfer Manifest (Mobile - Non-Metrc)

Creating a Transfer Manifest

Creating transfers is one of the last steps in getting your harvested product sold and manifest created for proper transportation.

Steps: From the Mobile Application

  1. Select Transfers > Quick Actions > Create Transfer
  2. Enter Transfer Name
  3. Enter Receiving Facility Lic. Number
  4. Enter Transfer Type (this the type of Receiving Facility)
  5. Enter Transporting Facility Lic Number
  6. Select the Driver
  7. Enter Driver Phone Number
  8. Enter Est Departure Time of the package(s)
  9. Enter Est Arrival Time of the package(s)
  10. Select Add Transfer Contents
  11. Add Transfer Contents
  12. Select the White + in the Red circle
  13. Select to Add Package or Add Packages (multiple)
  14. Selecting Add Package -
  15. Enter the Package Tag
  16. Enter the Price per package
  17. Repeat selecting the White + in the Red circle to add additional packages
  18. Select Generate Manifest when done adding packages
  19. A Manifest will be sent to your Inbox

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