Creating Batch from Mother Plant - (METRC - Mobile)

Identifying Mother Plants and Creating Batches from Mothers

For Non-California METRC States

The following steps walk through creating a plant batch from a Mother plant in your facility.

In the Mobile App:
  • Select Plants > Create Plantings

  • Create Plant From: Mother Plant
  • Scan or Enter a Mother Tag and a new Batch Tag or Batch Name
  • Fill out the remaining fields: Select Clone, Strain, Room and Number of Plantings and Planted Date.

Note: If the plant batch created will be a mother plant, you can toggle Mother Plant Batch? on. This does not indicate that it came from a mother, but that you want to track the batch as a mother plant batch.

  • If all information looks correct, select + Create Plantings in METRC

To view the resulting Plant Batch, go to Plants > Plant Summary > See More and search by the batch you created. To view the status of the submission to Metrc, go to the app menu in the left corner of the home page and select Metrc Submissions to determine if the submission was created successfully, encountered errors, or will be retried for the next 4 hours in the case of Metrc downtime or delays.

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