Terms and Conditions (Metrc Manual)

Metrc stands for Marijuana Enforcement, Tracking, Reporting and Compliance. Metrc is a State Mandated Tracking and Reporting Software to chart your chain of custody for your Marijuana and Marijuana Infused Products from seed to sale.

The Metrc Compliance Management System allows a licensee to track all of the Marijuana inventory grown, processed, transferred and sold for either medical or recreational use. The Metrc system consists of a web application, web services, a mobile application for site inspection, and a mobile application for industry use. Metrc can integrate with other systems for retrieving information such as licensing or tax from Departments of Health or Revenue or third party systems through the use of the Metrc API.

The goal of the Metrc system is to:

  • Capture perpetual inventory quantities for each Licensee.
  • Track and record a chain of custody from “starter” plant to patient or consumer acquisition.
  • Provide the inspection process with the tools necessary to complete onsite validation of inventory.
  • Support the auditing process from a series of exception reports.
  • Provide the industry with the means to report the required inventory events.

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