Using the command bar

Command Bar

Canix is designed to help streamline your seed-to-sale process, this includes within our very own product. We want you to find exactly what you need, right when you need it!

The Command Bar is full of features and tools to help you more easily navigate the dashboard, it even includes the option to search the Help Center. We're continuing to add new functionality, so please let us know if you have suggestions for improvement.

How to access

  • Navigate to the web application -
  • From any screen,
    • Apple devices - type command plus k (⌘ + k)
    • Window devices - type control plus k (ctrl + k)
  • A pop-up will appear, begin typing your search or action


You can use the pre-populated options to help guide you, or you can type to begin. Don't see what you're looking for, make a suggestion (see below)!

  • Items with a link icon on the left will take you to a new page (shown in red below).
  • Items with a plus icon on the left will take you directly to the page in a new window (shown in blue below).
  • Items with an arrow on the right have additional options which allow you to narrow your search. You can type and click enter, or use your mouse to make a selection (shown in yellow below).
  • Items with a lightbulb on the left are coming soon (show in green below).
Help Center

To search the Help Center,

  • Open the search bar (Mac: cmd + k, Windows: ctrl + k)
  • Type help
  • Click the enter key
  • Search Help Docs will appear
  • Begin typing your search

Search Bar Help
Make a suggestion

Don't see something you need - make a suggestion!

Search Bar Suggestion

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