Creating Harvest Waste (Mobile - METRC)

Creating Harvest Waste

*Metrc Clients*

Creating Waste from a Harvest can be done in the Mobile Application of Canix:

  • Harvests > Create Harvest Waste

  • You will be prompted to Create Harvest Weight by first, Selecting a Harvest. This can be done by Searching or finding it from the list of active harvests, as shown below.

  • After you have selected the Harvest to record Waste for, complete all required fields: Waste Type, Waste Weight, Unit of Measure, and Waste Date. Note: Harvest Waste is the waste for the entire harvest. You can submit additional Harvest Waste at another time if necessary.
  • Select, Create Waste in METRC at the bottom of the screen.
  • Submit Harvest Waste to METRC? Confirmation window will appear, if everything was correct Select Submit Harvest Waste. Note: You CANNOT undo this is Canix once submitted.
  • Canix will then Submit the Harvest Waste to Metrc and you will have the option to Select Done once this is completed.
**You have successfully Created Harvest Waste in Canix!**

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