Destroying Plants (Mobile - Non-Metrc)

Any plant death whether a part of a batch or as an individual plant needs to be recorded to update your monthly plant totals.  Marking a plant as destroyed/dead is simple in Canix—just scan the tag, enter a reason, and the date.


  • There are 2 ways to destroy plants in Canix - Immature - select number of plants  OR Tag - entering the tag number of the plant
  • WARNING - Using Tag and entering a Batch Tag will destroy the enter batch of # plants
  • We recommend using Immature for Batches and Tag for plants in Vegetative or Flower 

Steps: From the Mobile Application

  1. Select Plants > Quick Actions > Destroy Plants
  2. Select to Destroy Plants by Immature or Tagged
  3. For Immature - Destroy one or more plants in batch
  4. Scan/enter the Batch Tag or type the Label/Tag number
  5. Select # of Plants to Destroy
  6. Select Reason - type in a reason for destroying
  7. Select Date - when the plant(s) is destroyed
  8. Select Destroy # Immature Plants in Canix
  9. Select Submit Plant Destruction


  1. For Tag - Scan individual tagged plants
  2. Scan/enter the Batch Tag
  3. Select Reason - type in a reason for destroying
  4. Select Destroy # Immature Plants in Canix
  5. Select Submit Plant Destruction

Next Step in the process will be to Create (Weigh) Plant Waste

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