Metrc Life Cycle (Metrc Manual)

The graphic below is what we call the Marijuana Life Cycle. This picture graphically depicts the scope of the Metrc system and how Metrc interacts with the industry. The intention of this slide is to help users understand how the Metrc system was designed and how each process is captured and moved through the industry.

The Steps

  1. Cuttings, seedlings, or clones are grouped and identified as an immature batch.
  2. An immature plant becomes a vegging plant when the plant is larger than 8” and/or in a container larger than 2”. A unique RFID tag is assigned to the vegging plant.
  3. A vegging plant becomes a flowering plant when the light cycle changes to 12 hours on 12 hours off.
  4. Harvesting is the process of cutting down a plant and obtaining the wet weight before initiating the trim process. It is performed only on plants in the flower phase creating the harvest batch.
  5. Marijuana in the form of buds or shake/trim (by weight) may be packaged and sold or processed into hash or infused product. A Unique RFID label is assigned to the package.
  6. Packaged inventory is transferred to an infusing business by its own cultivation or from another selling business for the purpose of producing infused products.
    1. An infusing business will repack its infused product for transfer to a selling business. A unique RFID label is attached to the package.
  7. Packaged inventory is transferred to a selling business by its own cultivation, another selling business or from an infusing business, for the purpose of selling inventory.
    1. A selling business will repack inventory for transfer to another selling or infusing business. A unique RFID label is attached to the package by the transferring business.
  8. A selling business will sell from packaged inventory.

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