Complete Navigation Guide for Oklahoma Clients

You may have noticed that Canix must be used two ways. The key to optimizing your experience through Canix is to know where to go to access all of the features in Canix. This guide will show you everything you need to know about what features are exclusively in the mobile and web apps.

To ensure that you can navigate through all of the links in this article, please ensure that you are logged into your Canix account on our web app.

To Download the Canix mobile app for Google Play ( Android ) click here.
To Download the Canix mobile app for the iOS( iphone/apple) click here

Here is a full list and description of which features can only be utilized in the web app only. You can access the web app by clicking here.

  • Facility Settings- This is where you will create and edit the strains, items and rooms that you are going to keep track of in your facility.
  • OMMA Reporting Data- The OMMA Reporting Data is the information you will use to fill out your OMMA Monthly report. You can get more information about the OMMA report by visiting the following help article: OMMA Reporting Process
  • Billing Details: This is where you can update your credit card information to keep your subscription is active at all times.
  • Add Customers - In this area, you can edit and remove all customers for your sales orders.
  • Incoming Transfers - you can accept new transfers into your facility here!
  • Sales Orders - You can create orders, generate invoices, allocate packages to a shipment, create a transfer from the order, as well as edit and delete all sales orders.
  • Active Inventory Tracking - This is where you will view all of your packaged inventory. After the *+harvest cure phase, you will package all of your dry weight using the items you created in Facility Settings. When doing this, it will add that weight and item to your list of active inventory.
  • User Management - Here you can add additional logins to your Canix account for anyone that will be working from in your facility.

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