Additives (Metrc Manual)

Additives by Room will allow you to add additives by room instead of by plant. Please see the State's rules and regulations as to whether additives are required in Metrc. 

  1. Type Field. Type field is used to select the type of Additive used, fertilizer, pesticide or other.
  2. Product Name. Product Name is the name of the additive product used on the room. 
  3. EPA Reg. NO. EPA Reg. No. is the EPA regulation number assigned to the additive used. 
  4. Supplier. Supplier field is used to state where the additive was purchased. 
  5. Appl. Device. Appl. Device is used to state what appliance device was used to disburse the additives to the room. This can be a sprayer, fine mist, scoop, etc. 
  6. Total Amount. Total Amount is the total amount used on the room. 
  7. Date Applied. Date Applied is when you applied the product to the room.
  8. Active Ingredients. Active Ingredients is the active ingredient and percentage found in the Additive. 
  9. Room. Room is the room the additives were used in. You may use the magnifying glass to see the rooms available for use. 
  10. Record Additives. Record Additives button is clicked to record the additives to the room. Please do not click this until you have checked that all information is correct. 

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