Add Locations, Items, and Strains (Web - Non-Metrc)

Facility Data

Strains, Locations and Items will need to be set up before you use Canix. Set up the Facility Data in the Web Application here:


Self-explanatory, these are the strains that you intend to grow in your facility. Our recommendation: add all the strains that you expect to use over the foreseeable future to keep from having to come back to this screen on a regular basis.

To Create Strains from the Web Application:

  • Admin > Facility Data > Strains
  • Select, +Create Strain
  • Create Strain by completing all required fields: Strain Name, and Testing StatusNote: Optional fields include THC, CBD levels and Indica and Sativa Percentage.
  • Select Create.
You have successfully created a Strain!
  • You can now View the Strain by accessing: Admin > Facility Data > Strains



Items are the way you describe the contents of a Package (i.e. non-plant inventory) in Canix. These can be seeds, waste, flower, trim, extract, etc. 

OMMA requires tracking at least the following item types: 

  • Flower/Bud
  • Shake/Trim
  • Waste
  • Immature Plants and
  • Mature/Flowering Plants

We recommend you make these items when you get set up, with variants for each strain (e.g. “Blue Dream - Bud” or “Blue Dream - Trim”). Generally, we recommend that you be as specific as possible when naming items to best manage your inventory.

Items weights can be: 

  • Count-based (e.g. each, for plants)
  • Weight-based (e.g. pounds, grams, for bud) or 
  • Volume-based (e.g. ounces, for extract)

Items can be added in the Web Application:

  • Admin > Facility Data > Items
  • Select, +Create Item
  • Create Item by completing all required fields: Item Name, Item Type, Strain and Weight Unit.
  • Select Create.
You have successfully created an Item!
  • You can now View the Item by accessing: Admin > Facility Data > Items



Where your plants and inventory are stored. Smaller farms may only have one ‘Location’, but could choose to split up their room or field into multiple sections (e.g. rows, tables, etc).

For larger farms, we recommend: make use of multiple Locations to section off your facility and keep track of plant location, even if you’re working in a single enclosure.

To Add new Locations from the Web Application:

  • Admin > Facility Data > Locations
  • Select+Create Location
  • Create Location by completing all required fields: Location Name
  • Select Create.
You have successfully created a Location!
  • You can now View the Location by accessing: Admin > Facility Data > Locations


Edit or Delete Locations, Items and Strains

  • Edit or Delete Locations, Items and Strains by selecting the icon below the Edit Column, as shown below.
  • Edit by making needed changes then SelectingUpdate.
  • Delete by Selecting Delete.

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