Initial Business Setup Process (Metrc Manual)

Franwell has created a step-by-step process so licensees capture all the necessary requirements and information in Metrc. Setting up a facility in Metrc follows a logical process designed around the common business practices of the cannabis industry. When setting up a Metrc system, it is important to follow this process to minimize data input and maximize accuracy. Remember, all information created in Metrc is in a live system and subject to review by the State. The following steps define the process for setting up a business in Metrc.


1.    Follow the first-time credentialing and user profile creation processes described in Sections 2.1 through 2.4 below.

2.    For each facility add:

A.   Employees (including owners and managers)

B.   Strains

C.   Rooms

D.   Items

3.    Order Tags

4.    When tags arrive, receive them in Metrc before entering plants and/or packages.


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