Creating a Batch (Non-Metrc - Web)

Each time a cultivator plants seeds or clones of the same strain, they are required to track the entire group of immature plants together (i.e. a Plant Batch). Each batch (usually less than 100 plants) is tagged with a single barcode to track it in the system, and that barcode is usually physically attached to the plant tray.


  • Make sure you have a Label/Tag printed and ready to assign to the batch (How to print labels)
  • Give your Batch a unique name when creating the Batch Tag.  We suggest using the Strain Name - Number of Plants - Batch Number when.  For example Blue Dream - 80 Plants - Batch 1
  • Make sure you have your strains & locations created ( Adding Locations, Items and Strains )

Steps: From the Web Application

  1. Select Main Menu > Plant Batches
  2. Here you will see an inventory of already created Batches.
  3. You can also create new Batches from here by selecting the blue + Create Batch button in the upper right of the display.  Complete the information as prompted and select + Create Plant Batch to save.
  4. Selecting the checkbox next to one or more of the created Batches allows you to:
  5. Edit or modify the Batch - Can modify:
  6. To Mother Plant Batch or 
  7. Change Room, Strain, Number of Immatures, and Plant Date or 
  8. Change Growth to Vegetative.  NOTE: each plant moving from Batch to Vegetative requires its own tag number

Next Step in the process will be to Change the Growth Phase to Vegetative

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