Move immature plants to Vegetative Phase (Mobile - Non-Metrc)

Definition: When a plant gets to a certain size, and is considerably less likely to die, it’s considered to be in the Vegetative phase. At this point, individual plants are tagged with a barcode and tracked, one by one, until harvest.


  • A good time to move your plants to veg is when they move out of trays and into permanent pots needing their own barcode.
  • Once moved to veg, the Plant Batch tags are thrown away but the system will still track the initial batch number they came from (You can see this info in the Vegetative section of the web app)


  1. Make sure you have a Label/Tag printed and ready to assign to the plants (How to print labels)
  2. Make sure you have your Veg locations created (Add Locations, Rooms and Items )
  3. Go to the Plants section of the mobile app
  4. Select the Quick Action -> Growth Phase (Vegetative)
  5. Click the label scanner button and scan the Batch Label (ex. 000000000006)
  6. Enter in the Room 
  7. Enter in number of plants moving from the Batch that are moving into Vegetative phase (ex. 10)
  8. Scan the starting tag number (ex. 000000000300) - Note: the ending plat tag will pre-populate the last tag number based on the number of plants you indicated
  9. Hit the Change Growth Phase in Canix button to move the plants into the veg state. 

Now you will put all the tags physically onto the plants. In the example used, starting with (ex. 000000000300 - 000000000309) those tags will have been printed and stuck onto each pot

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