Creating a Package of Immature or Vegetative Plants (Mobile - Non-Metrc)

With Canix, growers can package immature clones and vegetative for sell to other facilities or to dispensaries. 


  • This article focuses on packaging from a Single Plant Batch 
  • Some dispensaries require a tag for each plant (clone).  This requires creating a Package (Tag) for each Plant.    

Steps: From the Mobile Application

  1. Select Packages > Quick Actions > Package Plants
  2. Select one of the following from Create Packages From
  3. Single Plant Batch - Scan and split a single batch
  4. Multiple Plant Batches - Scan and package multiple batches
  5. Vegetative Plants - Filter plants by Room, Batch, or Strain

Select Harvests (One or more dried harvests)

  1. Enter or scan the Batch Tag number
  2. Enter Starting Package Tag
  3. Enter Number of Packages
  4. Enter Item Type
  5. Enter # of Plants per Package
  6. Enter the Packaging Date
  7. Select Review Packages
  8. Confirm Package Date
  9. Select Review Packages
  10. Select the White + in the Red circle to add additional packages  or
  11.   Select Trashcan to delete a package  or
  12. Select Create # Packages in Canix

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