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Work Offline

The Canix mobile app has a Work Offline mode, which allows you to work in places that do not have a secure internet connection without losing any data. Prior to submitting any data into Canix, from the Mobile App:

  • Select the menu to the top right with the 3 horizontal lines.

  • Toggle Offline, to turn on Offline Mode.

  • Feel free to enter any data in Canix via the Mobile App while working offline.
  • Once all data has been entered and you have a secure internet connection, go back to the Mobile App and access the menu on the right. Toggle, Offline mode off.
  • Once you go Back Online, you will have a notification stating that changes have been detected: Offline Changes Detected. Select, OK.
  • Canix will then populate a list of Offline Changes. At this time you will have the option to Delete or Upload Submissions.
  • To Delete a Submission that was created in error you can select the Cloud Icon to the right of the queued submission and you will see an option to Delete Submission or Cancel.

  • If all submissions appear to be correct you can select Upload Changes from the bottom.
  • Once you have upload the changes in Canix it will populate a list of submissions created while working offline and you will select, Done to save the changes.

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