Creating a Batch from a Package (Mobile - Oregon)

Creating a Batch from a Package (Mobile - Oregon)

In the Mobile Application of Canix, you can Create Batches of Plantings from Clone or Seed, Mother, or a Package. This article outlines the keystrokes of Creating a Batch from a Package.

From the Mobile App:

  • Select Plants > Create Plantings

  • Create Plantings From: Select Single Package
  • Create Plantings from Package by completing all fields. Enter the Source Package Tag (sticker tag from transferred facility) and Unpackaged Weight. Choose Unit of Measure (likely Each). Enter or Scan Batch Name. Select Clone or Seed, Strain, and enter Number of Plantings, and the Planted Date. 

Batches can only be created in Batches of 100

"Is Mother Plant Batch?" Toggle is used only if one of the plantings in the batch will be a mother, not that it came from a mother.

The Source Package Tag is the sticker package tag on the package from the transferring facility.

  • SelectCreate Plantings in METRC. Note: Once Submitted to Metrc this cannot be edited.
  • "Are you sure you want to submit to Metrc?" pop up will appear. If everything is correct, SelectSubmit (#of) Plantings of (Strain)

  • Creating Plant Batch in Metrc, and Select, Done once it has completed loading.

**You have Successfully Created a Plant Batch from a Package**

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