Metrc Employees (Metrc Manual)

A Medical/Recreational Marijuana Business may designate licensed Owners and employees who hold a valid Occupational License/Handler's Permit as a Metrc user. A Medical/Recreational Marijuana Business shall ensure that all Owners and Occupational Licensees/Handler's Permit Holders who are granted Metrc User account access for the purposes of conducting inventory tracking functions in the system are trained by Metrc Administrators in the proper and lawful use of Metrc.

A Marijuana Business is accountable for all actions employees take while logged into Metrc or otherwise conducting Marijuana Business or Marijuana-Infused Product inventory tracking activities.

Activating an employee in the Metrc system is very similar to the process the Metrc key administrator performed. An employee will be added and will receive a credential just as the Administrator. Each employee will receive an email and a link for their first time login to Metrc.

The Metrc system provides the following functionality:

Entering Employees in Metrc

  • Permissions
  • Home
  • Welcome Email
  • Add an Employee
  • Edit an Employee
  • Lock an Employee
  • Unlock an Employee
  • Disable an Employee

When adding an employee, it will be necessary to add permissions that an employee will use to perform tasks in the Metrc system. Employee permissions include:

  • Administration - Provides the capability to perform all administrative, plants, packages, transfers and sales tasks. Except adding facilities.
  • Plants - Provides the capability to create, move, change phase and create harvests in Metrc.
  • Packages - Provides the capability to create, adjust and re-package packages into smaller or larger quantities.
  • Transfers - Provides the capability to create, receive, modify or delete transfers. • Sales - Provides the capability to input sales data or initiate sales uploads.

A Medical/Recreational Marijuana Business and its designated Metrc Administrators and Metrc user(s) shall enter data into Metrc that fully and transparently accounts for all inventory tracking activities. A Medical/Recreational Marijuana Business is responsible for the accuracy of all information entered into Metrc.

Edit Employees

  1. Edit Employees. Metrc allows an Admin to edit an employee. All of the fields used to create an employee can be edited from the "Edit Employee" screen.
  1. Enable Online Access. Enable Online Access will allow you to remove online access or grant online access to an existing employee.
  2. Email field. Email field will allow you to edit an employees email address. If you are enabling access for the first time an email address is a required field.
  3. Resend Welcome E-mail check box. An employees "welcome to metrc" credential email is similar to the Admin email, it will expire within 24 hours of the time it was issued. If your employee did not activate, or receive their login credentials it will need to be resent. Simply select the "Resend Welcome E-mail" check box and select save employee button. This will resend the "welcome to metrc" E-mail.
  4. Home Field. Home field will allow you to choose the home field for the employee. This is the landing page where the employee will start at each time they log in
  5. Employment Field. Employment field will allow you to show who is a manager at the facility.
  6. Permissions. Permissions will allow you to change the permissions the existing employee has access to.
  7. Save Employees button. Click this button to save your work and exit.
  8. Cancel button. Click this button to exit without saving.

  • When you edit an employee's e-mail address it will update in all facilities that employee is assigned to.
  • When editing an employee's permissions those changes will only be reflected in the facility the Admin is editing in.

Disable an Employee

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