Create a Package from Harvest (Web - Non-Metrc)

The following steps walk through creating packages from harvested material in your inventory in Canix on the web at This may be packaged while it is drying, or once dried to transfer to another facility.

  • Navigate to Inventory > Packages > Active
  • Select Create Package in the top right
  • Select from Harvest
  • Enter a New Package Tag by either selecting the arrow to prefill with the next available tag, or enter the next number above the Last Used tag below the text field.
  • Select the Item Type from the drop down menu, and Select Packaging Date. Note: there is an option to mark this package as a Testing Package. This should be checked if you are creating a package that is being sent to be tested, not that the harvest has been tested before.
  • Select Add Contents once completed in order to enter harvest details Note: Once you select Add Contents, this package information cannot be edited on the next page. You will have the option to edit it once the harvest has been submitted to Canix.
  • Complete all required fields by Searching and Selecting the harvest name from the drop down menu Note: If you don't see anything in the drop down you can begin typing in the Harvest field for harvests to populate. Enter the Harvest Weight and select the Weight Units.
  • Select Create Package when all fields are filled correctly. This can be edited after submitted if necessary.

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