Immature Plant Lot Attachment (Metrc Manual)

The UID number (plant tag shown in Exhibit 35) is assigned to an immature plant lot of up to 100 seeds or immature plants. Each seed or immature plant in the lot must be labelled with the corresponding UID number of the lot. Please note that the individual immature plant UID labels are not provided by Franwell. The required corresponding UID number labels will need to be produced by the licensee. Immature plant UID labels can be affixed to the container which holds the individual immature plant, attached to the plant itself, and affixed in a form or manner that facilitates identification of the individual immature plant(s) in the designated immature plant lot. Once the immature lot has been established in Metrc, the death of an immature plant(s) must be recorded in Metrc by recording the associated waste amount and reducing the total number of the immature plants in the lot for each immature plant that was destroyed.

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