Moving Plants to Flower (Web - Non-Metrc)

As the next step of maturity, the Flowering phase (i.e. Mature), signals that plants are getting close to Harvest. While not a strict requirement, the Flowering phase will be a requirement in the state track and trace systems and is valuable for differentiating from plants that you intend to harvest vs. those that will stay in a vegetative state for the foreseeable future (e.g. mothers).


  • Make sure you the proper date range set for seeing (displaying) plants
  • CAREFUL - Selecting plants also allows you to identify the plant as Mother and Destroy the plant

Steps: From the Web (Desktop) Application

  1. Select Menu > Vegetative Plants
  2. Select the date range in Plant Batches for
  3. Select the checkbox next to the plants you want to move
  4. Select Flower in the upper right corner
  5. Enter the Flowering Date
  6. Enter New Room where the plants are moving to
  7. Select Change Growth Phase

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