Creating a Batch from Mother Plant - (Non-Metrc - Web)

Creating a Batch from Mother Plant

To create a batch from an identified mother plant in the web application:

  • Select Plants, then select Plant Batches from the menu to the left in the web application of Canix.
  • Then Select +Create Batch from the top right.

  • From the menu, Create Plant Batch From:, select Mother.
  • From the menu you will then be able to enter all details about the Plant Batch including the Mother Plant Tag, Batch Tag, Clone, Room, Strain, Number of Immatures and the Planted Date.
  • Once all data is entered, select +Create Plant Batch.

*Note: You will also have the option to print a label for the plant batch at this time as well.

At this point you have successfully created a batch of clones from a mother plant. Once your clones have developed, the next step would be to move them to Vegetative Phase.

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