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How to Create Packages from Plant Batches

When selling clones or transferring immature plants from a nursery license, you may want to package those plants directly from a plant batch. This feature is now available in the Canix web app for your convenience. Here are the steps to create packages and bulk package plant batches.

This option is intended to package all active plant batches in the current report view at one time. For this to work, you need to make sure all plant batches have immature plants in them. If not, you will get an error message like the example shown below:

To Bulk Package all plants in your facility, navigate to the Plant Batches page and select Active. From here, click on Actions and then on the Bulk Package button. Note, if this table is filtered (for a strain, for example), then the Bulk Package option will show the number of plant batches in parenthesis to be packaged.

If you only want to select certain batches, you can select the check box next to these batches and then click on Bulk Package under the Actions button.

On the following screen, You will want to click on the Starting Package Tag arrow to populate your next available tag. Then, select the location for the packages and enter the packaging date. The number of plantings to be packaged and package item can be selected per batch by clicking on a row to edit.

Once all fields have been entered, select Submit to send to Metrc.

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