Incoming Transfers - (Web - Non-Metrc)

How to Accept Incoming Transfers

To accept incoming transfers from the Web Application of Canix:
  • Inventory > Incoming Transfers
  • Then select, +Accept Incoming Transfer
  • Complete the following fields: Transfer Name, Source Facility and Received Date and Time.

Pro-Tip: **When creating the Incoming Transfer Name, be sure to include the date as well. This makes the Transfer easier to locate if you receive multiple transfers from the same facility.**

  • Then select, Create Incoming Transfer

  • Now that you have created the Incoming Transfer, you can add packages to the transfer by selecting: Add Package to Incoming Transfer.
  • Now you can Create the Package, associated with the incoming transfer. Enter the required fields: Package Tag, Item, Weight, and Weight Unit. Then select, Create Package.
  • Once the Package has been created, you will now be able to confirm the Incoming Transfers contents and Submit.
  • Now that the Incoming Transfer has been submitted, it will now be listed under Incoming Transfers in Canix.

**Note: The Packages created for the Incoming Transfer will now reflect in Active Packages and it will update Inventory Availability in Canix.

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