Creating a Package (Mobile - Non-Metrc)

After plants are harvested and dried, the state needs cultivators to track the inventory of products that were produced by the harvest (flower, trim, etc). This is the stage where you create one or more Packages from a Harvest, and assign each package a label (to be attached to the container—box, bag, etc). You can choose to assign a single package tag to a bunch of individual boxes to be split in smaller increments at a later time. 


  • Selecting Packages from the mobile application allows you to access:
  • Package Summary - Active Inventory. Shows the details Active Inventory packages available for sell
  • Unsubmitted Packages - Allows you to edit and submit packages for Active Inventory and ready for sell
  • Quick Actions - Used for Creating Single Package, Creating Multiple Packages, Packaging Plants, and Adjust Packages
  • This article focuses on creating a Single Package from Harvest.

Steps: From the Mobile Application

  1. Select Packages > Quick Actions > Create Single Package
  2. Create Package from either
  3. Non-Canix Item (Untracked goods or materials)
  4. Packages (Combine several packages)
  5. Harvests (One or more dried harvests)  This is what we’re going to focus on for this article

Select Harvests (One or more dried harvests)

  1. Enter or scan the New Package Tag
  2. Select Item Type (Bud, Trim, or etc) 
  3. Enter the Packaging Date
  4. Select if this is a Testing Package
  5. Select Add Package Contents
  6. Select the White + in the Red circle
  7. Select the Harvest Name
  8. Enter the Harvest Weight (weight of the bud, trim or etc)
  9. Select the unit of weight (grams, pounds, ounces)
  10. Select the White + in the Red circle to add an additional product of the same strain, but different harvest
  11. Repeat steps 7 through 10 until you are ready to submit the package to Active Inventory for sell
  12. Select Submit Package to Canix when finished

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