FAQS (Metrc Manual)

Question - Who is Franwell and why are they involved?

Answer - Franwell Inc. was chosen to develop and deploy the Metrc software system for the State based on an RFP in June of 2011. Franwell was chosen by the State after researching the complexities associated with growing, harvesting and processing marijuana and marijuana products. The State determined it would be necessary to find an outside vendor capable of developing a program tailored to these specific regulatory needs.  


Question - What is Metrc?

Answer - An enforcement tool developed to track and monitor marijuana inventory within the State’s regulated, closed loop Medical/Retail Marijuana regulatory scheme. Metrc (Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting and Compliance) is a web- based application that State Licensees upload marijuana inventory data as required by regulation.


Question - What are the requirements to access the Metrc software?

Answer - Only State licensees (Owners of businesses that hold a State issued Medical or Retail Marijuana business license) will be provided access to the Metrc system.  As Metrc is a webbased application, industry members may access the system via any device that allows them to sign-in to the secure Metrc web site via the internet. 


Question - What computer requirements are there for accessing Metrc?

Answer - Metrc is a cloud based solution and only requires internet access. Any PC, laptop or tablet device with internet access will work with Metrc.


Question - What is the URL address to access the software?

Answer - https://__.metrc.com, your state abbreviation will go in the blank.


Question - What is my user name?

Answer - The user name is your badge number/handler's permit or username required by your State. 


Question - When I login it says, “I can no longer use this key.”

Answer - This means the user is trying to login with their welcome email hyperlink. They need to open a new browser window. Type in the URL address: https://__.metrc.com. Then type in their user name and password they set up in their original email. Remember initial login credential emails are only good for 24 hours. 


Question - I am getting the error message, "Cannot Access Account".

Answer - When someone forgets their password and clicks on the "Cannot access account" link and the security question comes up with "N/A", what does this mean?  That means that they haven’t gone through their welcome e-mail.  They must go through the welcome e-mail, and will be forced to enter a Security Question and Answer.


Question - Do I need a bar code scanner, RFID device or other hardware?

Answer - No, Metrc was developed specifically so no additional hardware (Bar-Code or RFID) would be needed to work or perform any functional tasks in Metrc. The only hardware needed to operate in Metrc is a mouse. Remember you actually never have to enter the ID numbers in Metrc. The ID numbers are assigned by Metrc when tags are ordered and will show up in your database automatically. Changing phase, changing rooms and all of the other functions using the ID numbers can be done simply by using a mouse click while in the system. No printer is necessary. Plant and package tags come printed and encoded by Franwell prior to receipt by the licensee. It is not possible to enter a tag ID number into Metrc.


Question – Does Metrc contain patient information? 

Answer - There is no patient information contained in Metrc. The patient number is only stored as a reference to the number of plants a business is allowed to grow. These registry numbers and their associated physician recommended plant allowance is the number of plants each Center is allowed to cultivate. Please see your State's rules and regulations as to whether patients are required in Metrc. 


Question - I have more than one batch or pod in one room, how do I set this up in Metrc? Answer - You can set up rooms however you choose. Room designations are only used to track the locations of plants. The room designation can mean a physical room or an area where tags are located. The State is only requiring area designations for auditing purposes so a licensee can account for all the plants shown in that specific area designation. 


Question - Is there a requirement to report waste or plant trash pre harvest?  

Answer - By rule the answer is yes, however the State will consider feedback on this rule in subsequent rule making processes. In the meantime, licensees should account for this waste outside of Metrc until the rule is changed or Metrc functionality is developed to account for this type of waste.


Question - How are RFID Tags Used with Metrc? 

Answer - There are two types of RFID tags that will be used to monitor marijuana inventory; the first is a plant tag that attaches to a security strap that can be used as a plant stake when the plant is in its early growth stage and then as a looped strap once the plant has reached a size that will support the tag; the other is a package tag that is affixed to a package of processed Marijuana or Marijuana product.  However, each time a new RFID tag is used it contains information regarding all plants and/or products that are associated with the marijuana or product to which the new tag is attached. This allows the State to track marijuana back to the original plant should a health or safety concern arise. 


Question - Do Industry Members have to enter a 24-digit code into Metrc for every plant it grows and every package they generate?

Answer - No, that is one of the benefits of having Franwell provide the tags; once a specific licensee orders RFID tags, those tags are specifically provisioned for that licensee and each tag’s 24-digit code is placed in the licensee Metrc account for both plant and package tags.  Then a licensee can simply access their account and assign tags to plants or package – with a simple “point and click” the user can assign tags in mass or individually.  


Question - Do the RFID tags track the marijuana once someone has purchased it?  Answer - No, State tracking ends at the point the marijuana or marijuana product is sold to a private citizen. Metrc does not track any sales information about who has purchased product.  


Question - What about when marijuana is transported from Cultivation to a Store or Product Manufacturer? 

Answer - Metrc tracks all marijuana from the point at which a plant is placed in a growth medium to the point it is entered into the inventory at a Dispensary or Retail Store.   The system generates transportation manifests that detail each package being transported and all associated RFID tags.

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