Moving Plants to Vegetative (Web - Non-Metrc)

When a plant gets to a certain size and is considerably less likely to die, it’s considered to be in the Vegetative phase. At this point, individual plants are tagged with a barcode and tracked, one by one, until the harvest. Plant Batches become irrelevant at this stage and are gradually emptied out to 0.


  • Make sure you the proper date range set for seeing (displaying) plants
  • CAREFUL - Selecting plants also allows you to Edit and Destroy the Batch

Steps: From the Web (Desktop) Application

  1. Select Menu > Plant Batches
  2. Select the date range in Plant Batches for
  3. Select the checkbox next to the plants you want to move
  4. Select Growth in the upper right corner
  5. Enter Starting Tag
  6. Enter # of Plants moving - Canix will figure out the number of tags and tag numbers needed
  7. Select New Room where the plants are moving to
  8. Enter Vegetative Date
  9. Select Change Growth Phase
  10. You may also select Print Labels for downloading the PDF file and printing of Tags/Labels

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