GeoShepard Scale Set Up on Canix

If you're a former GeoShepard customer switching over to Canix, you can utilize your existing GeoShepard scale with Canix's bluetooth scale integration.

Before beginning:

  • Verify that your GeoShepard scale is an OHaus Ranger 3000

Set up Scale

  • On the OHaus Ranger 3000, set the menu to the following options:
  1. Menu -> Print1 -> A.Print -> CONT (or INTER if that doesn’t work)
  2. Menu -> COM1 -> Baud/Parity/Stop/Handshake/etc
  3. And set that to 9600/8 None/1/None

Set up Canix Mobile App

  • Log into the Canix mobile app, and go to "Connect to Scale"
  • Then, select your bluetooth scale option from GeoShepard

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