Processing a Refund/Return

If a customer returns an order there are few steps we suggest in order to reconcile your records in Canix.

More information about creating Sales Orders can be found here.

Sales Order

To reconcile the associated Sales Order please follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Sales Order that is associated with the refund -
  • Update the payment to 0
  • Update the status of the Sales Order to "Rejected" (found at the top of the page next to the Order #) -- this will un-allocate any of the packages associated to that order and return them to your inventory
  • Once those steps are complete, click "Update"

Next, you'll need to reconcile the associated Transfer.


Delete Transfer

Metrc Customers

The receiving customer must reject the transfer.

If the customer has already accepted the transfer into their facility in Metrc it will remove it from the originating facility.

Once it's rejected in Metrc, delete the transfer within Metrc.

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