Sales (Metrc Manual)

Sales in Metrc are reported by Package Tag ID. So, it is important to understand what a package means in Metrc. The package is a serialized unit.  That means every package will need to be accounted for in terms of what happens to the contents.  The packages primary purpose is to enforce a secure chain of custody. The package is similar in concept to a “Lot”.  For example a package can be made up of many smaller sellable units.  As each one of the smaller individual units is sold, the individual sale can be recorded or a summarized total for each package may be reported. The association of a serialized package to a sellable item might be a new concept to you and your system.  For integrity during the chain of custody, it is necessary to track each uniquely and individually identified package all the way to its final selling event.  You will need to, in your existing system or processes, create a way to associate the Metrc package with sales of items that were contained in the appropriate Metrc package.

Please see your State Supplemental for entering sales into Metrc. 


  • Sales information is only captured when you have selected a Dispensary/Retailer. 
  • Recording of Sales in Metrc is for “reporting last event in chain of custody”

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