Getting Data from Metrc to Canix & Canix to Metrc

Refresh Metrc Data

The flow of data from Canix to Metrc occurs in two ways:

  • Metrc to Canix occurs on a nightly basis. You can also push new data from Metrc to Canix by selecting the "Refresh Metrc Data" button in the web application, or the circular arrow in the upper left of the home screen on your mobile application.
  • New data submitted to Canix is pushed to Metrc in real-time expect in two instances:
    • You are working in "Offline Mode" on the mobile application. To push data to Canix and therefore Metrc you'll need to follow the steps submit that data to your account.
    • A user has "Requires Reviews on Submissions" applied to their account, in which case an administrator has to approve their submissions to Metrc

If your data is not reflecting correctly in Canix after making changes be sure to "Refresh Metrc Data". This can be done in both the web and mobile applications.

Mobile App

In the mobile application,

  • Navigate to the home screen
  • In the upper left of the screen you will see a circular arrow, click this button to to refresh Metrc data
Refresh Metrc Data Mobile Application

Web App

In the web application,

  • Navigate to the bottom of your menu
  • Click the "Refresh Metrc Data" button
Refresh Metrc Data Web Application

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