Creating QuickBooks Invoices

Invoices can be generated from sales orders in Canix to be viewed and printed from your QuickBooks Online account. The following steps outline how to create a QuickBooks invoice through Canix.

Connecting your QuickBooks Online account

To connect your QuickBooks Online account, navigate to Admin > Integrations > QuickBooks Online and select the Connect to QuickBooks button on the right to sign into your account.

Creating QuickBooks Invoices from Sales Orders

After you've created a sales order, open the existing sales order to now view options to generate invoices, record payments and create transfers.

  • Hover over Generate Invoice and select Create QuickBooks Invoice

  • Assign QuickBooks products to each product on your sales order with the Select QuickBooks Item link seen below the Canix item
  • Enter the Send Invoice To email, Invoice Date, Payment Due Date, Delivery Date and Internal Notes (optional)

Note: The email entered in Send Invoice To is not emailed directly from Canix but is populated in the QuickBooks invoice when ready to be sent.

  • Search or select the QuickBooks customer in the customer details on the right

  • Once all fields have been filled out, click Send to create the invoice in QuickBooks
  • The following fields will be created on the invoice and can be edited in QuickBooks: Invoice Date, Due Date, Shipping Date, QuickBooks and Canix Product, Item Quantity, Unit Price, Item Total, Discounts, Shipping and Subtotals.

Note: To include tax on the invoice, enter selected tax in the dropdown in QuickBooks.

You can now find the invoice in your QuickBooks Online account or through Canix.

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