Creating a Transfer Manifest (Web - Non-Metrc)

Creating a Transfer Manifest

Creating transfers is one of the last steps in getting your harvested products sold and ready for transport. In Oklahoma, transfers are required however Sales Orders are optional. If you intend on using the Sales Order feature you can create the transfer directly from the Sales Order. This article focuses on completing the Transfer Manifest only.

From the Web Application:

  • Sales > Transfers
  • Select +Create Transfer
  • Create Transfer by including all required details: Transfer Name, Transfer Category, Destination Facility, Transport Facility, Driver, Vehicle, Route and Departure and Arrival Time.
  • Select Create Transfer


  • For Transfer Name we recommend using the same Naming Convention: Business Name - Date. As Transfer names need to be unique.
  • When selecting the Destination Facility and Transport Facility, you can search if you begin typing in the facility name. Or add a facility not currently in our database by using the plus sign. Note: After adding the facility once, it will be saved for future use.
  • Preview of the Transfer, allow you to Edit the Transfer details and Add Packages.
  • Add Packages by searching for the package tag, enter a price for the package and select Add.

Note: To remove packages or edit pricing on packages, select the transfer and click the red trash can. Then re-add packages with the correct prices.

  • Once all transfer details and packages have been added, Select Download Manifest

Note: Until the Transfer Manifest has been downloaded it will be listed as a draft in Canix. This status will update after it has been downloaded.

**You have successfully created a Transfer Manifest in Canix! **
  • To view completed Transfer Manifests in the Web application: Sales > Transfers

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