Editing Facilities in Metrc (Metrc Manual)

Editing Facilities

You will now be able to give your facilities an ALIAS name or nickname that will appear in the black dropdown facility box. To facilitate this function, we have added an “Edit Facilities” button in the Admin/Facilities screen.

This nickname feature will only be visible to you and those employees with Metrc access within your facility. Transfer manifests will continue to show the legal name only.

Instructions on Changing Your Facility Name

You can change your facility name by selecting Admin/Facilities from the top navigation menu, then highlight the facility you want to rename and click Edit Facilities Name button. You can also just click the Edit Facilities Name button and use the Facility dropdown box, on the left side of the form, to select the facility you want to rename.

Next, type in the alias/nickname you would like to use for this facility and click the green Save Names button. Note: The Legal name box on the right side of the form is populated with the legal name in the State licensing database. If you decide to go back to the legal name at any point, simply click on the “Set as Current” box. The Trade Name box will be used in the future to show the DBA name associated with your legal name. For now, this will be unused.

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