Welcome to Metrc Email (Example)

First Time Credentialing Example:

Within 24 hours of the time a Metrc administrator requests credentials, the requester will receive a "Welcome to Metrc" email from [email protected] and will have two links to the __.metrc.com website.

  • The first link will redirect the Admin to the website and automatically add the security key into the login screen.
  • The second link is provided to allow the user to create a short cut or web link for future use.

Please note:

  • The email may be delivered to a persons junk, spam or trash folder or deleted outright because of individual security settings.
  • The welcome email is only good for 24 hours and will then become invalid for security purposes.
  • If you have trouble with your Metrc credentialing login, you may request another security key by contacting [email protected]
  • Please note the __.metrc.com will be replaced with your state url.

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