Metrc Administrator (Metrc Manual)

The role of the Metrc administrator is to create all of the initial operational functions of a licensed business and make sure employees get training on the use of the Metrc system. Franwell provides ongoing training and support to supplement the business owners efforts. This includes a New Business/New Employee Training and an Advanced Metrc Class every week.

To assist the administrator, all of the administrative functions in Metrc can be delegated with the exception adding facilities. The addition of new facilities is the sole capability of the Metrc administrator.

To get started as a Admin in Metrc, a person can request Admin credentials after completing the Metrc New Business training program. Upon completion of training, a business owner should send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following information:

• The Name of the business and DBA if there is one • The Business License number • The Owners name • The Owners badge number/handler's permit or last name and last four of owner's social security number

• A valid email address

The owner may also appoint another employee as their Key Administrator, however the owner must email [email protected] and provide the information above for that employee. However, the owner will need to be added in as a regular employee with full permissions.

The Franwell support team will provide an e-mail response with your credentialing response information. Email responses are generated within 24 hours of requests Monday - Thursday. Email requests sent in on Friday will be sent on Monday mornings. If an administrator calls the support desk with a Friday request, allowances can be made. This function is set because the security key generated by the Metrc system is only active for 24 hours.

All other Employees - login will be sent after your Metrc Administrator sets you up in Metrc as an employee; you will receive a welcome email. Check your email inbox for the welcome to Metrc email. If you do not receive this, check with your Metrc administrator; they have the ability to resend your welcome email at any time.

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