Moving Plants to Flower (Mobile - Non-Metrc)

As the next step of maturity, the Flowering phase (i.e. Mature), signals that plants are getting close to Harvest. While not a strict requirement, the Flowering phase will be a requirement in the state track and trace systems and is valuable for differentiating from plants that you intend to harvest vs. those that will stay in a vegetative state for the foreseeable future (e.g. mothers).


  • Plants moving from Vegetative to Flower keep their identified Label/Tag.
  • No new Labels/Tags need to be created

Steps: From the Mobile Application

  1. Select Plants > Quick Actions > Growth Phase (Flowering)
  2. Select either Tag or Filter for moving plants
  3. For Tag - Scan individual tagged plants
  4. Select the RED circle with WHITE plus
  5. Scan the Plant Tag or type Label/Tag number
  6. Select Add Plant and Scan Another or Add Single Plant
  7. Select "Change Growth Phase for # Plants"
  8. Confirm "Change Room for Plants"
  9. Select the Room where the Flower plants are moving to
  10. Select "Submit Growth Phase Change"


  1. For Filter - Filter plants by Room, Batch, or Strain
  2. Select FILTERS - filter plants by Room location, Batch number, or Strain
  3. Select the Plant(s) moving to Flower
  4. Select verify “Change Room for Plants”
  5. Select the Room where Flower plants are moving to
  6. Confirm “Change Growth Phase Change”

Next Step in the process will be to Creating a Harvest

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