Setting up your LeafLink Integration

Canix now offers an integration with LeafLink which allows you to connect your marketplace with your inventory systems. This will allow for a more seamless process of creating, managing, and fulfilling sales orders. In this article you'll learn how to set up the LeafLink and Canix integration.

Set Up

First you need to obtain your LeafLink API key.

A LeafLink administrator must complete this step.
  • Log in to your LeafLink account
  • Navigate to the Settings > Developer Options
  • Scroll down to Your API Key
  • Copy the key (double click > right-click > select copy)

Locating LeafLink API Key

Canix Integration

Now you'll need to connect your LeafLink account to Canix.

  • Log into your Canix account
  • Navigate to Admin > Integrations
  • Click LeafLink
  • Copy the API key you collected in the previous step
  • Paste the API key in the box, Paste your API key here...
  • Click Update LeafLink API Key

Add LeafLink API Key to Canix

Next Steps

Once you've successfully connected your LeafLink account to Canix using the steps above you'll want to pull in your LeafLink orders and begin the sales process.

See this article to get started!

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