Packaging Immature Plants (Mobile - Oregon)

The following steps walk through packaging clones or immature plants from active plant batches in your facility.

  • In the Canix app, go to Packages > Package Immature Plants
  • Search for the Plant Batch name in the plant batch field
  • Select the Package Date. All other fields are optional so these may be skipped and the package information will be entered on the next screen
  • Select the red plus sign in the bottom right
  • Scan the Package tag that will be used for this package Note: this is the large square sticker tag  
  • Select the correct Item type. If the item you are looking for does not appear, you will need to add this on Canix's web application under Admin > Facility Data > Items. A best practice naming convention may be "Strain Name - Clone"
  • Enter the number of clones or immature plants added to this package
  • Select the packaged date
  • Toggle the "Testing Package?" toggle on if this is a package going to a testing facility Note: this does not indicate that the package was tested, but is to indicate that the package is being transferred to a lab or testing facility
  • Add any optional internal notes that remain in Canix for reporting
  • Once the information filled in above looks correct, select Add Package Contents
  • Continue those steps if creating multiple packages from the same plant batch
  • Once the package information looks correct on the next screen, select Create # Packages in METRC at the bottom to submit this package to Metrc

*Once this has been submitted, the package quantity cannot be edited without recording an adjustment. Other package information is not editable once submitted*

To check the status of the package created, navigate to the menu and select Metrc Submissions

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