Deactivate Harvest (Mobile - Non-Metrc)

Deactivate Harvest

Deactivating harvests marks them complete and inactive. A deactivated harvest can no longer be used to create packages or waste. Once a harvest has been deactivated it can not be modified.

From the Mobile Application:

  • Harvests > Deactivate Harvest
  • Select the Red Plus Sign in the lower right hand corner to Add a Finished Harvest.
  • Add the Harvest by typing in the name of the Harvest or selecting it from the list of Active Harvests.
  • Once you have confirmed you have selected the correct Harvest, Select +Add at the bottom
  • If you are Deactivating multiple Harvests, Select the Red Plus Sign to continue adding Harvests. Once all Harvests have been added, Select Submit Finished Harvests to Canix.
  • A confirmation window will appear, Select Submit 1 Harvests. Ensure everything is correct as this information cannot be modified once submitted.
  • Once the Harvest has been submitted to Canix simply Select Done.
** You have Successfully Deactivated a Harvest in Canix! **

To view Inactive Harvests from the Web Application: Harvests > Overview > Inactive

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