Create Plantings from Mother Plants (Mobile - California)

Create Plantings from Mother Plants

As of June 1, 2020, California Metrc no longer allows users to create plantings without a source mother or package plant. In Canix, there's now a new process for how to create plantings from a mother.

Before Starting

  • Ensure you have created the strains in Metrc of the clones that you'll be creating
  • Ensure that you have created items of type "Clone – Cutting" for the strains you'll be creating
  • Instructions on how to create strains and items on Canix are here: Locations, Items, and Strains (Metrc - Web)

From the Canix Mobile App:

  • Select Plants Create Plantings

  • You'll see several options come up. Choose "Create Plantings from Mother"

  • Mother Plant: Scan the plant batch tag of the mother plant batch that this group of clones is coming from
  • Starting Package Tag: Scan the next package tag in your license in this field
    • In order for this field to appear, the mother plant entered must be a plant batch. In some rare cases, specific licenses may receive approval to use flowering plants as a mother plant
    • This package tag will not be put on the plant, it is only the intermediary step that Metrc requires to create the plant batch. Put a line or mark as mother planting so that the tag is not mistakenly used in the future.
  • Item: Select the appropriate "Clones- Cutting" item type with the correct strain
  • Batch Tag: Scan the new tag for the plant batch
  • Clone or Seed: Select whether you're creating a clone / seed
  • Strain: Select the strain that you're creating
  • Press "Create Plantings in Metrc"

  • After creating these plantings in Metrc, you should retire the package tag that was used in this process. This tag is no longer available

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