Auto-Harvest (Mobile - Metrc)

You can quickly harvest using a bluetooth scale with auto-harvest mode on Canix's mobile app. If you have an RFID wand, this will also reduce scanning time and allow the person entering the inputs to stand further away from the plants being weighed and harvested. Before harvesting, make sure you have the correct strains created on the web under Admin > Facility Data > Strains.

Mobile Application:
  • Navigate on the mobile app to Harvests
  • Select Create Harvest

  • Enter the harvest information on the next page: Harvest Name, start typing or search for a Drying Room, start typing or search for a Strain, choose a Weight Unit, Harvest Date
  • Click Add Harvest Contents at the bottom to begin adding and weighing plants to the harvest
  • Select which mode you would like to harvest by:
    • Auto-Harvest (Individual) - Scan and weigh each plant individually. This requires you to remove the plant after each weight is entered but the weight from your bluetooth scale will be recorded automatically in this mode.
    • Auto-Harvest (Cumulative) - Use this mode to continue adding plants to the scale one at a time without having to remove the previous plant. Canix's app will record the difference in the previous weight and the current weight on the scale as the plant's weight.
    Note: If using an RFID wand, you can leave this on next to the scale and the next tag will be picked up as it is added to the scale

  • To continue adding plants to the harvest, select Add Plant and Scan Another. Once you've entered your last plant, select + Add Single Plant
  • All plants entered will be summarized on the initial Create Harvest page. Verify the total weight and number of plants are correct before submitting your harvest to Metrc by selecting Submit Harvest to Metrc at the bottom
  • To check the status of your submission, navigate to the menu on the app under Metrc Submissions. Canix will retry your Harvest submission for the next 4 hours if the reason for a failed submission is Metrc downtime or delays. If any errors occurred before successfully submitting to Metrc, this will remain under Harvest > Unsubmitted Harvests at the bottom of the mobile app screen to be edited and for you to resubmit to Metrc.

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