Strains (Metrc Manual)

  1. Strain Name. Enter the strain name of all strains you currently grow in your facility.
  2. Testing Status. In this area, a Licensee will define whether or not product has been tested and if so was it done in-house or by a third party.
  3. THC and CBD Content. This is where THC and CBD content of a particular strain is entered. This is a 2 year average of the testing of this strain.
  4. Indica vs. Sativa. This is where a Licensee will indicate the level of Sativa vs Indica that makes up the origin of a plant. Again, this is a 2 year average of the testing of this strain. 
  5. THC Potency Info.
  6. Create Strains button. Select this button to save entered data and create strains.
  7. Cancel Button. You may select the cancel button to exit the screen without saving any changes.

Edit Strains


Metrc allows you to edit a strain that has already been added to your system. If a strain name has changed or been modified or if a strain has new test data the edit feature can be used to update the information.  

  1. Clear button. To clear all of the fields and begin entering data again select this button.
  2. Cancel button. To exit this screen without edits.
  3. Save Strains button. To save the edited data, click this button.

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